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Custom Edge
offers a concrete landscape edging that is second to none. Concrete edging is more economical and durable than traditional landscape edging. It will not rust like steel, decompose like wood, break like plastic or move like brick. Not only is Custom Edge durable it will turn simple landscaping into simply stunning landscaping.

We offer a slant style edging that is generally set to ground level to accommodate lawn mower wheels. With many different color choices and stamp options, there’s no doubt we will have what you are looking for. Concrete edging is a great way to add a decorative element to your yard. We install all of our edging as one continuous piece. This means there are no gaps between stones, which would allow grass to grow through. We also install a small gauge cable to help with separation, heaving and cracking.


Remember quality isn’t expensive; it’s priceless.

  • Adds instant curb appeal to your landscaping
  • Professional appearance adds value to your property
  • Gives your yard a clean and finished look
  • Saves time with edging, weeding and trimming
  • Can easily drive lawn mower wheels on it
  • Easily contains rock or mulch
  • Design flexibility allows curves, turns and contours
  • Custom designed to your satisfaction
  • Many colors and designs
  • Will outlast any other edging

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