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Skylight Options by Velux

Tubular Skylights


Bring a lot of light into a room and save yourself money.  Tubular skylights are both cost effective and bring in an abundance of natural light into any room.

 Adding a SUN TUNNEL skylight is a cost-effective way to add natural light to small spaces such as powder & laundry rooms, kitchenettes, hallways or other tight spaces that need a brighter, more vibrant appearance. 

Venting & Non-Venting Skylights


 VELUX offers a complete system of complementary products and accessories for any skylight solution – from installation right down to the finishing touches. Whether you’re looking to add one of our “Fresh Air” skylights or a model geared more towards small spaces, we’ve got all the skylight options and information you need to make a decision. 

Why choose Heyn Brothers for your Skylight

 Heyn Brothers is a 3-Star Velux installer. We have had training from the manufacturer on proper installation ensuring that we can eliminate problems that could come up from improper install. We are able to order an almost endless size range to match existing skylight openings or make custom fits for skylights. Our most popular options available are the Sun Tunnels available in three sizes to accommodate most room sizes. Sun Tunnels are a great addition to hallways, closets, bathrooms, and other areas that no windows are available. These are also very popular for townhomes that have adjoining walls and less natural light. With more than 90% of Velux production ENERGY STAR® qualified in all United States climate zones, you can include our products confidently and proudly. 

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