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Common Threats to Commercial Roofing That Inspections Can Uncover

Your commercial building fulfills many needs to keep your customers and employees comfortable and safe. A commercial roof inspection is one of the best ways to check on the health of your building. During this type of inspection, a commercial roofing contractor checks that the roof is safe and free of damage, which extends its lifespan.

Improper Use of the Wrong Roofing Materials

Our contractors have the experience to conduct installation and repairs on your roof. One of the things to look for during an inspection is that the roof installation was professional. An improper installation using cheap materials may cost you much more in repairs and replacements in the future.

Punctures From Foot Traffic

Try to keep people other than contractors off your commercial roof to keep it properly maintained. Roof maintenance is important to your building’s overall health, but foot traffic can lead to tears and punctures. You’ll reduce the risk of membrane punctures by keeping unauthorized people off the roof.

Puddles of Standing Water

Standing water on your roof is stagnant water that gets stuck there and leads to weakening a section of your roof. The cause of pooling water may be as simple as clogged drainage or water trapped in a valley. A poorly installed commercial roof can lead to pooling water if the roof’s angle doesn’t allow water to flow toward the gutters.

Shrinkage From Temperature Changes

The materials you use for your commercial roofing project depend on the climate and weather of the building’s location. Some materials can expand and shrink as the weather changes, which leads to holes and cracks in your roof. Some membranes, such as single-ply ones, are more resilient to extreme weather than others.

Neglected Maintenance

A roof can keep a building safe and comfortable for decades if you keep up with its maintenance. Maintenance can find issues before they spread to become more expensive problems. Commercial roof inspections are part of maintenance and can save you thousands in repairs over time.

Overflowing Gutters

A common issue is overflowing gutters when debris blocks your drainage, which can cause water to pool. Water pooling on the roof or flowing down the side of your building can cause wood rot and brickwork damage. Cleaning debris, such as bird nests and leaves, from the gutters can prevent future water damage.

Finding Asbestos

Asbestos can be hidden in older buildings and needs a roofing contractor to investigate. Call roofing contractors if you find asbestos in your commercial building. Never try to remove the asbestos yourself because it’s dangerous to you, your employees and your customers.

Roof inspections check for areas of the roof that could cause problems in the future. An inspection can find issues from shrinkage to pooling water before the situation becomes more expensive. If you need a commercial roofing inspection in Rochester, MN, call us at Heyn Brothers Roofing for an estimate today.

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