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Storm Damage

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Storm Damage Mitigation

Few issues around your home or commercial property are more upsetting than storm damage to your roof. It can appear as if Mother Nature has turned against you and decided to destroy the roof that protects you from the elements. But the first thing to remember when you think a storm has damaged your roof is to leave the inspection and any Rochester storm damage restoration to the pros at Heyn Brothers Roofing. As the leading storm damage roofing contractor in Rochester, our staff has decades of experience safely navigating even a storm-damaged roof. But if you try to take a look for yourself, you might not make it off the roof without severe injuries. So call 507-519-6202 to request a free price quote for Rochester storm damage repair.

Contact your local storm damage professionals in Southern MN at Heyn Brothers Roofing!

The Hazards Of High Wind And Tornados

While your roof is designed to take a beating from high wind or even the seventy-plus mile an hour wind from a tornado, it has its limits. As the roofing material and shingles age, they become more susceptible to damage from these forces of nature. Unfortunately, there can also be more hazardous damage to the sheeting or support structure of the roof. But that is frequently invisible to anyone but a professional. So please, never try to inspect your roof for damage after a tornado or high wind sweeps across Rochester. Instead, call 507-519-6202 and let the pros from Heyn Brothers Roofing inspect for any Rochester storm roof damage on your house or commercial building.

Can A Thunderstorm Damage A Roof?

You might not think of a thunderstorm as having the potential to damage your roof. However, it can happen. The combination of wind and downpours can result in damaged or destroyed shingles, water under the flashing or shingles, and water penetrating the roof’s wood sheeting and support structure. Older roofs and poorly designed roofs are more likely to experience damage. But it is always best to trust the team at Heyn Brothers Roofing to perform an inspection. Call 507-519-6202 and know that our team will arrive as quickly as possible to inform you of any storm damage to your roof.

Hail Damage Concerns

If you have ever been caught outside in a hail storm, you know that even small pieces of hail can cause some pain. Even though your roof does not feel pain, it suffers the same type of damage when small chunks of ice pelt it. And that surface damage is as severe as a cut or scrape on your skin. The granular surface of the shingle is an essential protective layer. So when the hail rips away the granules and divots the other layers of the shingle, it degrades the protection provided by the roof. And even if the granules appear intact, there can be damage to other layers of shingle from the strike of hail. So it is always best to call 507-519-6202 for a free hail damage inspection from the experts at Heyn Brothers Roofing. We will provide a free, no-obligation price quote for any hail damage repairs required.

Winter Weather That Damages Your Roof

The weight of snow and ice on your roof can become concerning. But the bigger problem is the damage that occurs when the temperature fluctuates and that snow and ice melt and seep under the roof’s edges. Then as the temperature drops again, ice forms and creates a dam at the edge of the roof, preventing proper drainage. If you are concerned about the winter precipitation damaging your Rochester roof, call 507-519-6202 for a roof inspection from the experts at Heyn Brothers Roofing. Remember, there is never a good reason for you to risk your safety climbing onto a snowy or icy roof.