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Professional inspections

Sadly, many homeowners give little thought to their roof until they notice an issue or have endured extreme weather. And by that time, it is unsafe for anyone but a trained roofing professional to undertake the task. While some roof damage and issues are easy to spot, other complications cannot and could result in a hazardous fall or other injuries to anyone not trained in Rochester roof inspections and how to safely maneuver on a surface that might not be stable. At Heyn Brothers Roofing, our team has decades of experience evaluating roofs and located even the most well-concealed damage or roof leaks. Call 507-519-6202 to request a roof inspection for your home or commercial property in the Rochester area.


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Are Regular Roof Inspections Important?

Your roof provides an invaluable service by protecting you, your home, and its contents from the harsh elements of Rochester. But because the surface is not in clear view in most cases, it can be challenging for homeowners to visually inspect the roof and look for any signs of damage or wear. This is the primary purpose for a professional roof inspection from the experts at Heyn Brothers Roofing. So if you are a believer in being proactive and making minor, cost-effective repairs before the damage becomes significant and much more expensive, then regular roof inspections are a wise investment.

Even a small leak can allow enough water under the roof’s surface to begin rotting the sheeting and support structure. In addition, it can promote the growth of mold and mildew that cause several serious health concerns. But all of that cost and damage can be avoided with a simple yet thorough annual roof inspection.

What Issues Can A Roof Inspection Reveal?

A professional roof inspection will reveal any damage to the surface of the roof or the structure under the shingles or surface. But rest assured, our team does more than just stop by your Rochester home and take a quick walk around the roof of your home. Some of the potential issues and hazards that our experts look for include:

In some cases, the result of the inspection is a minor repair or a bit of very basic Rochester roof maintenance that will ensure the roof’s reliability for another year of service. However, the most significant benefit of regular roof inspections is that minor damage will be discovered and corrected before destroying the entire roof.

Free Hail Inspections

Damage to a roof from hail can be minor to catastrophic. But the only way to know the extent of the damage is a professional roof inspection. Because there is a potential for severe damage, these inspections are essential after any hail storm. To help the community discover and correct hail damage quickly and cost-effectively, the experts at Heyn Brothers Roofing offer free no-obligation hail damage inspections throughout the Rochester area. Simply call 507-519-6202 and request a free inspection to ensure that any hail damage to your roof is located quickly and repaired before attributing to more costly water damage to your home.