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A close-up of asphalt shingles installation on the roof edge.

5 Essential Tips for Safe Roof Repairs

The harsh weather in Minnesota can do a number on your roof. When you notice missing patches of shingles and see them in your yard, you might decide to fix it yourself. Never get on your roof until you check out the essential tips that will keep you safe.

Non-Slip Shoes Are a Must

Roofers always wear non-slip shoes because they know what can happen if they slide off. This is not the place to wear the same sneakers or running shoes you do on the ground. Non-slip shoes offer the traction you need. It’s also helpful to wear shoes or boots with a thick sole as you may run across some loose nails.

Wait for a Clear and Dry Day

Once a storm passes and you see some signs of damage, don’t assume you can climb onto the roof. Wait for a clear and dry day. You should also wait until the shingles are dry. Even if you wear the right footwear, a slippery roof is a hazard.

Use a Harness and an Anchor Point

Using a roofing harness and an anchor point is the best way to stay safe. The harness wraps around your body and attaches to the anchor point. Anchor points usually come in the form of a D-ring, which you attach to a safe spot, such as the top of the roof. You want to set up at least two anchor points in case the first one fails. Make sure the harness line will catch before you hit the ground.

Tell Someone Where You Are

Telling someone about your plans is one of the easiest safety tips. Unfortunately, it’s also one that many DIY enthusiasts skip or forget. At the least, let your family know you need to spend a few hours on the roof. You don’t want to finish the day and find that someone moved your ladder and you can’t get down. They can also check on you a few times to make sure you stay hydrated and know when to take breaks.

Choose the Right Ladder

The right ladder for a roofing job is one that’s taller than your home and durable. Cheap aluminum ladders can shake and knock you off balance when you’re standing on them. Avoid standing on the top rung as it usually isn’t as strong as the others. You also need to secure the ladder and ensure it can withstand the combined weight of you and your gear or equipment.

Staying safe while working on your roof requires a harness, anchor points, and non-slip shoes. Also, choose the right ladder, wait for the right day, and tell someone your plans. Of course, turning to a roofing company and letting them do the work is the ultimate way to stay safe. Call Heyn Brothers Roofing if you live in Rochester, MN and need roof repairs.

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