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Roof line of a house with gabels

5 Interesting Facts About Roofing

The typical person doesn’t think too much about their roof unless a repair or replacement needs to happen. Roofs are designed to be long-lasting, and we all have countless industry professionals, dating back to early times, to thank for that. These facts about roofing could give you a greater appreciation for what keeps us safe and dry.

1. Climate Matters

Have you ever traveled to another region and noticed their different roofs? There are different types of roofs around the country because climate affects the design. For instance, hipped roofs that have four slopes of equal length are ideal for areas with high winds, and gabled roofs are commonly used in colder climates. As you’d imagine, flat roofs might not be great for rainy areas or places that get heavy snow, like Rochester.

2. Flat Roofs Aren’t Exactly Flat

Speaking of flat roofs, it’s important to mention that flat roofs aren’t perfectly level. That would be a mistake since water could pool on them in that case. Their slopes are usually at least 0.25 inches per foot.

3. Your Roof Needs to Breathes

Just like us, roofs breathe. Air needs to flow, or moisture will build up. This can lead to mold, mildew, or other damage. There usually needs to be something that enhances airflow. Exhaust vents allow hot air to escape, and intake vents allow cooler air to be brought in. Further, proper airflow reduces the likelihood of ice damming, which we can sometimes see as the ice builds up on buildings around Rochester.

4. Ancient Materials Are Still Used

Sure, most of us think of asphalt shingles when we picture roofs. Asphalt is popular, durable, and relatively affordable, so it makes sense. In modern times, we started using architectural asphalt, too. While they might not be as common around here, there are also roofing materials that were used thousands of years ago. Wood and clay were used by many civilizations. You might see cedar shakes on some homes in Minnesota, but clay can be vulnerable to cracking with our extreme temperatures.

5. Your Roof Can Help the Environment

It’s becoming more common to see solar panels installed on roofs in Rochester, and there are solar shingles, too. These types of innovations allow homeowners to use renewable resources. Besides this, there are “cool roofs.” A cool roof reflects more sunlight than a regular roof, thereby absorbing less energy. This can lower the temperature of your home, and your AC bill could be reduced. This is good for not only you but also for the environment.

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