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Crew Installing New Shingles on Roof

5 Great Tips for a Winter Roof Replacement

While you can overlook some roofing problems until spring arrives, you may find that you can’t put off replacing your roof any longer. A roof that shows serious signs of damage, has no insulation, or develops multiple leaks may not last until the warmer season. Make your life easier with these top tips for winter roof replacement.

1. Choose the Right Time

If your roof won’t wait until spring or summer, look for the best time to replace it. Roofers often recommend days that are sunny and bright because they can easily see their tools and the materials they need. Choose a day when the temperature is a little higher, too.

2. Consider Thermal Sealing

As you talk to different roofers, look for those who are familiar with thermal sealing. The process involves sealing the shingles to protect them against harsh winter weather. It makes them resistant to water damage and helps them stick to the roof. As the temperature drops, the ordinary materials used to secure the shingles usually won’t work.

3. Prepare for Delays

You know that winter in Minnesota is unpredictable, but you may not understand how that affects the job. When the temperature drops too low, the roofers may need to take a few days off. Blizzards can halt the job for days or even longer. The roofers will take steps to secure the roof and keep it safe until they can get back to work, but delays can still occur.

4. Add Insulation

While you’re getting a new roof, you can also add insulation. This is necessary if your home lacks insulation or doesn’t have enough. It adds another layer of protection against the elements. Many roofers can handle both jobs at the same time. They can even bring in workers to handle the insulation while others are on the roof.

5. Find the Right Roofer

Finding the right roofer is the best tip for winter roof replacement. You may already know how to avoid scams, such as people who randomly knock on your door in the summer and claim they can fix your roof for less than anyone else can. But do you know how to find the right roofer for a winter installation? Make sure they have cold-weather tools and gear. Ask about the jobs they handled in the past and what steps they take when working in the snow and ice.

While winter isn’t the ideal time to replace your roof, it might be the best option for your home. Finding the right roofer and preparing for delays are just a couple of things to keep in mind. Also remember to consider thermal sealing, choose the right day, and add insulation. Call us at Heyn Brothers Roofing to discover a team of professionals who can help with your roof replacement this winter in Rochester, MN.

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