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The Best Roofers in Bloomington, MN

Heyn Brothers Roofing guarantees quality service in Bloomington, Minnesota with every job. We are the leader roofing contractors in the area, with over two decades of experience on both residential and commercial properties. Our services come with a 5-year warranty to show we mean business about committing to our craftsmanship. As Bloomington roofers, we are licensed and insured. Plus, we are family-owned and operated, so we like to think of our Southern Minnesota clients as an extension of our family. Learn more about our range of roofing services available in Bloomington below. And call us at (507) 519-6202 today for a free estimate or to ask our expert roofers questions about available services!
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Expert Roof Repairs

Our roofing contractors in Bloomington know how to make roofing repairs that last. Bloomington weather can be difficult for a standard asphalt roof. For example, during weeks when the weather oscillates from freezing temperatures to warm spring (or even summer) weather, the shingles on your roof may be prone to splitting. While high heat is not a major problem in Minnesota, heat waves can impact your shingles, which may blister or curl in persistent 90 degree weather. Finally, with the wet weather over the summer and frequent snow in the winter, it’s possible that asphalt shingles will become bald (i.e. they lose the granules that give them a protective coating). Deteriorating shingles are just one reason to call Heyn Brothers Roofing for roof repairs in Southern Minnesota.

Regular Roof Inspections

Our roofers in Bloomington, MN perform inspections on a variety of roofs, from standard residential ones to highly pitched church roofs to unique apartment complexes. We look for structural stability, visible damage, the source of leaks, proper ventilation and more with each routine roof inspection. Customers frequently come back to us again and again for roof inspections because they trust our knowledge, accumulated over the course of two decades in business.

Storm Damage Mitigation

When a storm hits Bloomington, it can cause major damage to residential and commercial roofs alike. Hail storms are particularly harmful and may cause broken shingles, major leaks, visible holes in your roof and more. We work with your insurance company to help process your claims in the case of serious storm damage. Our goal is always to make your life easier when your roof needs repairs in the wake of a storm.

Roof Replacement Options

A roof in Bloomington may need replacement if it starts to sag or has key structural issues. Roofs also have a lifespan, believe it or not. An asphalt shingle roof usually lasts between 15 and 20 years. A new roof may be necessary due to severe damage or old age, but it could also be a choice that you make to improve the aesthetics or value of your home. Changing the materials of your roof may make your home more energy efficient, depending on the insulation provided by the new roof installation. Commercial properties in Bloomington may also benefit from the energy savings after a roof replacement, particularly if the new roof is made from a durable material like steel.

We Serve Commercial Clients Too

We have extensive experience working on roofs for commercial clients. Our specialty is steel roofing, which holds up remarkably well against the extreme weather conditions Bloomington likes to throw at us. High winds, hail and freezing temperatures are no match against a commercial steel roof installed by expert Bloomington, MN roofers. A steel roof is also easier for us to repair in the case of damage, as it is durable and stable underfoot. We not only excel at installing large, complex and sometimes steeply pitched roofs, but we also deeply enjoy the challenge of it. If you are a Bloomington business owner, give Heyn Brothers Roofing a call at (507) 519-6202 for a free service estimate today!