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Professional Roofers in Eden Prairie

Are you looking for roof repairs in Eden Prairie, MN? Roofers may claim to have your best interests at heart, but no one cares about the Southern Minnesota community as much as Heyn Brothers Roofing. We have over two decades of experience in the area and are family-owned and operated. We not only offer roof repairs, but a full range of roofing services perfectly tailored to the needs of a Minnesota customer. We know how to handle the extreme temperatures (especially the months of freezing weather in the winter) and make your roof last longer with regular inspections. Plus, we offer free estimates for all of our customers when you call (507) 519-6202!

Our list of roofing services in Eden Prairie includes the following:

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FAQs About Roofing Services

The following are all questions that our customers frequently ask us about our roofing services.

When should I call for roof repair?

Call a roofer in Eden Prairie for roof repair at the first sign of something wrong. The following are all signs that your roof needs repair:
We include a five year warranty on any roofing services, so your repairs are protected, and you can trust that we will deliver high quality craftsmanship the first time.

How frequently should I get my roof inspected?

Roofs should generally be inspected once a year to ensure they do not have any signs of deterioration. A roof inspection is ultimately a cost savings because it will help you maintain your roof properly and a roofer in Eden Prairie will catch any issues before they become major problems.

However, if there is a storm with high winds or hail, you should get your roof inspected as quickly as possible. High winds frequently cause damage due to falling debris, especially if your home or business is located in a wooded area in Eden Prairie, MN.

What kind of damage can a hail storm do to my roof?

A hail storm may cause small or large holes in your roof, leaks, broken shingles or it may impact other components of your roof, like the gutters. We take hail storms seriously at Heyn Brothers Roofing and rush to help our community in times of crisis. Heyn Brothers Roofing offers free hail damage inspections after major storms, and we commit to ensuring the safety of your home with transparent pricing on any repairs.

When do I need to get my roof replaced?

Roofs need to be replaced whenever the lifespan of the materials used to build the roof is up. For example, basic asphalt shingles last 15 to 20 years on average, but a metal roof will be stable for up to 70 years. While metal roofing may not be the most practical option for residential properties, it’s a fantastic one for commercial businesses due to its longevity.

Roofs may also need to be replaced when structural instability or major damages are found by a roofer in Eden Prairie. Regular maintenance and inspections can help put off the inevitability of needing to replace a roof, but eventually, you will need to invest in a new roof installation for your home or business.

What kinds of commercial roofing does Heyn Brothers Roofing specialize in?

Heyn Brothers Roofing is a leader in commercial roofing in Southern Minnesota. While we have the ability to install a wide variety of roofing products, we specialize in steel roofs for commercial properties. We stand by the durability of our steel roofs, which last for a long time, insulate well and resist damage in high winds. Of the roofing companies in Eden Prairie, ours is the most capable of performing commercial roofing jobs on large, complex roofs. We offer our full range of services for commercial properties, including roof repairs, replacements, inspections and storm damage services.