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Heyn Brothers Roofing works directly with Mosaic Financing to provide our customers with simple and flexible financing options. Take the stress out of getting your roof done by going with Mosaic.

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Unfortunately, it is very easy to assume that the roof over your home or commercial property is in perfect condition because you rarely get a clear view of the surface. So in many cases, the roof is not getting the maintenance and care needed to provide a full twenty-plus years of reliability. And that results in an unpleasant surprise when you see water damage inside the property or tattered pieces of roofing material on the ground. At that point, it becomes a priority to locate a reputable Owatonna roofing company for a roof inspection and possible repair or roof replacement. Your friends and neighbors are sure to agree that Heyn Brothers Roofing should be your first choice for these essential services. With over 20 years of serving the community, they have earned the reputation as the Owatonna roofing company to trust for all roofing needs. Call 507-519-6202 for a free estimate for any repair or roof replacement services.


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Affordable Roof Replacement

Most homeowners are not planning a roof replacement when they discover water damage from a leak. However, if the current roof is past its prime, a replacement is a wise investment. To make the process as simple as possible, the expert team at Heyn Brothers Roofing works directly with Mosaic Financing so that you can have the new roof your need without crippling your household budget. Call 507-519-6202 for a free, no-obligation price quote for a new, fully warrantied replacement roof installation.

Warrantied Roof Repairs

When you discover a leak in your home’s roof, a fast repair is always essential. However, you might not see the quality of the repair for months when the next storm rolls through town. So it is vital to have any roof repairs made by the dependable team at Heyn Brothers Roofing. They back all their work with a five-year warranty and the manufacturer’s warranty on any materials that they use. This ensures that you have confidence in your roof repair and can stop worrying about future water damage. Call 507-519-6202 today for a free price quote.

Fast Storm Damage Assessments

Dealing with storm damage to your roof can be more complicated than simply hiring a Owatonna roofing contractor to make the needed repairs. You will need to work with an insurance adjuster to approve your Owatonna roofing assessment in some instances. And that can take valuable time when you have a leaking roof. The Heyn Brothers Roofing team has the experience you want for roof repair. And we work in conjunction with your insurance company to get the job done quickly and to the insurance company’s standards. Call 507-519-6202 for a free price estimate today.

The Commercial Roofing Specialists

If your church or large apartment complex has steep and intricate roofs, you know that many Owatonna roofing contractors are not prepared to take on those challenging projects. However, at Heyn Brothers Roofing, we specialize in steep, complex roofs. Our staff has decades of experience and manufacturer installation certifications to ensure that we get your commercial roof installed flawlessly. Call 507-519-6202 for a free price quote.

Complete Roof Inspections

When it comes to a roof inspection, you place your trust and faith in the company you select to assess the roof’s reliability. The team at Heyn Brothers Roofing appreciates the opportunity to earn your business with a comprehensive roof inspection and free price quote for any repairs or roof replacement needed. In addition, we offer free hail damage roof inspections to ensure that homeowners know about hail damage immediately after the storm and can address any damage before it is compounded by more leaks and water damage inside your home. Call 507-519-6202 for a free hail damage roof inspection or complete roof inspection for your property.