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Prior Lake
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Quality Roofers in Prior Lake, MN

Homeowners and commercial property owners alike know they can trust Heyn Brothers Roofing for all of their roofing needs. Our roofers in Prior Lake put the desires of the customers first, which is why we’ve been a go-to roofing company in the area for over two decades. We are family owned and operated with a strong passion for the community in Scott County and Southern Minnesota at large. Our certified and licensed team of roofing professionals is waiting for your call. Get a free estimate today when you call (507) 519-6202!
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Routine Roof Inspections

The best way to ensure the longevity of your roof is to get routine inspections from a trusted roofing contractor in Prior Lake. We examine every part of your roof, from the shingles to the fascia to the ventilation in your attic. In addition to residential roof inspections, we specialize in complex, unique commercial roofing services in Prior Lake. If the roof of your commercial building requires special attention, call us at (507) 519-6202 to set up regular inspections, so you’re not caught with a sagging roof in the middle of a critical season for your business.

Helpful Roof Repairs

Roof repairs don’t need to be a hassle. There are a host of reasons you may need repairs. Maybe a few shingles broke after the last storm. The flashing on your roof could be rusting or there may be a mysterious leak causing water damage inside your house or business. Call Heyn Brothers Roofing, a licensed Prior Lake roofing company, for high-quality roof repairs with a 5-year warranty. We guarantee satisfaction on your roof repairs, whether it’s a simple job or a complex project.

Complete Roof Replacement

Roof replacements should only be performed by licensed, qualified roofing professionals. Heyn Brothers Roofing is a CertainTeed SELECT ShingleMaster™, which is the highest level of certification possible from CertainTeed, one of the top producers of asphalt shingles in the country. Our team has over twenty years of experience working in Prior Lake as roofers, giving us the expertise needed to advise you on a massive project like a roof replacement. We’ll consider together any plans you have to change, upgrade or maintain your roof, then go from there with a free roof replacement cost estimate, all part of Heyn Brothers Roofing’s standard service process.

Commercial Roofing in Prior Lake

Each commercial property has different needs, depending on the size of the building, the type of roof it has or needs and its current condition. We are one of the few roofers in Prior Lake to specialize in unique commercial buildings like churches or apartment buildings. Large vaulted roofs or roofs with unusual designs can be difficult for residential roofers to inspect, so it’s always smart to work with a commercial roofing company with specialized experience. Call Heyn Brothers Roofing at (507) 519-6202 to schedule a roof inspection, roof repairs or a roof replacement for your commercial property today!

Dealing with Storm Damage

Roofs in Prior Lake go through a substantial amount of abuse from the local weather. Temperatures are below freezing for most of the winter with a good chance of snow during the same months. While temperatures over the summer tend to be more pleasant, it rains and thunderstorms from May to October in Prior Lake, and the occasional wild swings into the nineties can impact your roof. Worst of all are the occasional hail storms, which may cause holes, broken shingles and other damage. Luckily, Heyn Brothers Roofing offers free hail damage inspections after major storms and will work with your insurance company to process any claims.