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7 Roof Maintenance Tips for Every Business Owner

Many things you can’t see affect the health of your roof, but you shouldn’t ignore regular maintenance. By the time you see visible damage, the problem has been around for a while and you’re likely to face costly repairs. Fortunately, you can prevent many problems by properly maintaining your roof. As you’ll see, roof maintenance involves more than just maintaining your roof structure.

1. Keep Your Gutters Clean

As the seasons change, debris can collect in your gutters and create blockages that prevent proper draining. When this happens, water can back up on your roof. This is particularly a problem during the winter when water can turn to ice and lead to damage to the roof and gutters. To prevent this problem, be sure to have your gutters cleaned regularly.

2. Trim Back Trees and Landscaping

Landscaping allows your business to stand out from others, but trees shouldn’t be close to your building. Overhanging tree limbs can allow pests into your building or damage your roof during a storm. Cut landscaping a few feet away from your building to prevent damage.

3. Look for Leaks in the Ceiling

A visual inspection of the exterior of your roof can provide valuable information to a roofing contractor regarding any potential problem areas. It is also important to look for signs of infiltrations or leaks on the inside of the property. While leaks and damage may be difficult to spot from the outside, they may be more visible when examining the rafters and the ceiling.

4. Remove Debris From Your Roof Regularly

Leaves on your roof can increase moss or algae growth. It is essential to frequently remove debris from the roof to maintain a safe and clean area, as some debris may not be caught by the gutters. Additionally, it is advisable to inspect for any damage or debris after experiencing a major storm.

5. Replace the Caulk Around Flashings

Flashing plays a crucial role in preventing water from entering your business through your chimney or vent pipes. While it may not be something you think about regularly, it’s important to have an annual inspection to ensure its effectiveness. During this inspection, it’s wise to replace any worn-out caulk.

If you notice any flashing that is separating or has gaps, it’s essential to bring in a roofing professional for repairs. A roofing contractor will carefully scrape away the damaged flashing to create a clean surface. Then, they will fill in the space with fresh caulk. This will help maintain a secure and watertight seal.

6. Understand the Sun’s Impact on Roofing Materials

It is important to consider the specific climate in your area when caring for your roof. Over time, the sun’s UV rays can cause roofing materials to heat up and deteriorate. In areas with less sun exposure, such as shaded areas or regions with frequent cloud cover, there is a higher likelihood of moss and algae growth on the roof. This is something to keep in mind when making decisions about roof replacement so that you can choose materials that are suitable for your local climate conditions.

7. Get a Roof Inspection

If you notice any interior or exterior damage to your roof, call a local roofing contractor to inspect the building. All your maintenance chores keep your roof healthy and extend its lifespan, but it can be easy to overlook issues without professional knowledge. To ensure that your roof is in good condition and keep minor issues from turning into major problems, it’s important to schedule annual inspections.

Our roofing contractors can inspect your roof and see the start of any issues. Understanding roof maintenance tips will allow you to spot potential problems quickly. If you need commercial roof maintenance in Rochester, MN, call us at Heyn Brothers Roofing for a service estimate today.

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