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5 Problems That Indicate You Need a Replacement Roof

Even the best roof will show some signs of wear and tear over time. Once the damage becomes more severe, you’ll need to replace it. We know you’re concerned with how much time and money it takes, which is why we only recommend this when it is the wisest course of action. Always look out for some of the serious problems that will require a roof replacement.

1. Dark Patches

If you can see dark patches on the roof from the street or your yard, they likely go along with some type of natural substance. The most common is moss. Moss grows in areas that are slightly shady and have a good source of water. Fungi and mold can also appear as dark patches. When the substance doesn’t come off with a wash or scrub, you may need a new roof.

2. Shingle Damage

The problem with replacing just a few shingles and not the entire roof is that the brand may no longer make yours. Choosing a different color or style creates an incomplete look. When your roof shows serious signs of shingle damage, simply adding new shingles won’t fix the problem. The issues we suggest you look for include granules in your gutters, buckling, and shingles that are cracked or damaged.

3. Sagging

Always use caution if you live in a home with a sagging roof. With the right support, the roof should appear straight and even. Structural damage is the most common reason why a roof sags. One of the supports can break or buckle. Removing the old roof and replacing both the roof and the supports is the only way to fix it.

4. Water Damage

Water damage occurs in homes during storms or when pipes break, but a leaky roof can also cause serious water damage. The biggest risk you face is that the roof can break open, causing water to flood the rooms below. Call a roofer at the first sign of water damage, especially on your ceiling or in your attic. The risk of the leak growing and bursting through the ceiling is high.

5. Recommended Replacement

Another sign you need a new roof is when a roofer recommends one. You can usually get a free or quite affordable inspection. The average life span of a roof is around 25 years, but tile and metal roofs usually last longer. When your roof turns 20, request an inspection and see what the roofer suggests. An inspection is especially important if your roof has any of the problems mentioned above.

You don’t need to replace your roof just because you’ve lost a few shingles or you have a simple leak. Bigger leaks, serious shingle damage, sagging, dark patches, and water damage may indicate you need one. Reach out to Heyn Brothers Roofing in Rochester, MN to schedule an inspection and find out if you require a roof replacement .

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