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Concept of house under construction. Cropped view of professional roofer worker lays asphalt sheet on the rooftop, holding roof tile in hands

How to Choose Between Roofing Repair and Roofing Replacement

Rochester, MN makes an excellent place to put down roots and begin your career. Tour the Plummer House to get a look at how life was lived here in decades past. Many residents like taking the time to visit the Rochester Art Center all year long. Living in this part of the country means dealing with a four-season climate that gets intense and changes often. That can take a toll on your roof. Here’s what to think about if you’re torn between the need to have your roof repaired or have the roof entirely repaired.

The Age of Your Roof

One of the single most important things to think about when it comes to your roof is the roof’s age. Varied roofing materials have varying lifespans. That’s why you should know what type of roof you have on hand. If the roof is made from asphalt shingles, such material typically lasts about two decades before it needs to be completely replaced. A metal roof lasts a lot longer. The same is true of materials such as tiles. If you’re not sure what kind of materials you have, you can always consult with our experts in roof repair. We’re happy to tell you what kind of roof you have and what options you have when it comes to repairs and replacement.

Is the Roof Leaking?

One indication that your roof has a problem is if you see any leaks. A roof leak can be a sign that you need to have the entire roof fixed. Leaks that are clearly visible should be addressed immediately. There may be other signs that you have a leak. For example, if the floor looks wet when you’re not using any water or if you see any kind of water stains on the ceiling you might not have a fully functional roof.

Is There Visible Damage?

A roof with visible damage is a sign that it’s time to have a professional come take a look. You might see missing shingles across one side. If you see fascia that is coming away from the side of the roof, this is another indication something is wrong.


Everyone has things they have to get done. If you are making plans to expand your home’s interior, now is also a good time to put on a new roof. Spring to fall is also an ideal time to put in a new roof. That makes it easy for the work to get done without fear of snow and ice. A fast fix such as adding a few tiles can often hold the roof until you’re ready to replace the entire roof.

A good, functional roof is vitally important. Get in touch with our experts at Heyn Brothers Roofing to keep your roof in perfect shape.

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