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Recognize These Signs of Roof Damage

Sun, wind, and water are the three most common sources of roof damage. These three sources of roof damage often work together to wreak havoc on your property. The sun’s rays cause the roof’s shingles to gradually become dry and prone to breaking. Mild winds help displace the shingles. Moisture from rain or snow, regardless of how minimal, becomes trapped beneath the shingles and can damage your roof. Here are some methods for finding your roof damage before it becomes catastrophic.

Inspect Your Roof

Property owners should frequently inspect their roof for damage. Regularly inspecting your property’s roof is as simple as a one-minute walk around the perimeter of your home. View all sides of the roof to discover the signs of roof damage. Snap a photo of signs of roof damage to share with your roofing services professional.

Making it a habit to glance up at the roof will prevent the problems from growing into huge roof repair projects. Homeowners can avoid costly roof repairs by inspecting their roof on three occasions:

  • Quarterly at times of the year coinciding with the change of seasons
  • After significant wind or precipitation
  • Monthly via a brief walk around the perimeter to view the gutters, shingles, and soffits

Obvious Signs of Roof Damage

There are obvious signs of roof damage that should be immediately addressed. After a rainstorm, especially one with high winds, you should inspect your roof for broken or missing shingles, tree branches on the roof, and cracked or warped shingles.

Roof damage does not only occur from extreme precipitation. The damage arises from moisture trapped beneath the shingles. Mild rain or snow can cause damage that needs to be repaired. Once the integrity of the roof is compromised, small amounts of moisture can cause significant damage.

Overlooked Symptoms of Roof Damage

Find signs of a critter living in your attic? It might just be small hole or animal droppings scattered around. Wait on the exterminator, and call the roof repairman. Signs of animals living in attic usually mean there is a hole in the roof.

Stains on your ceiling might be a plumbing issue, but brown or yellow stains resembling a puddle are a sign of a leaking roof. Ceilings might also have visible mildew or mold from moisture due to a roof leak.

Drywall often shows water damage from a leaking roof. You’ll notice dark spots or paint puckering from moisture. These are only two examples of a roof leak.

See the Signs? Call for Repairs

Don’t wait for water to be leaking through the roof to call a professional roofer for repairs. Schedule roof repairs and maintenance on your home with Heyn Brothers Roofing in Rochester, MN before it becomes an emergency. After a seasonal inspection on your home or when you first notice the interior signs of roof damage is the ideal time to call.

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