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Practical Tips to Prepare Your Roof for Summer Storms and High Winds

Summer is coming, and it will inevitably bring severe weather with it. This may include thunderstorms, high winds, and tornadoes. Such storms are the greatest danger to your roof. They may cause leaks, destroy your roofing and siding, and cause other damage. Preparation is critical to protecting your roof from storm damage. There are some commonsense things you can do to keep your roof safe from the fury of severe weather.

Clean Your Roof Before Summer

The weight of leaves, twigs, and other debris can strain your roof. This accumulation can also cause water to pool and damage the structure. Use a blower to get rid of all leaves and other natural debris. Be careful not to sweep items into gutters or downspouts. A professional roofing contractor can help you clean the roof. They will hose down your roof, rake leaves and twigs from your gutters, and remove all debris from the area.

Evaluate Your Roof

Assess your roof to see where the risk for damage is greatest. Look for areas where shingles have come off and eaves are damaged or areas with gaps between tiles and boards. Inspect areas around chimneys, vents, and air conditioning units. If there are places where water collects or large gaps exist, you must repair these spots. Fixing these issues will prevent them from causing problems during a storm.

Fully Secure Your Gutters

Gutters are vital in preventing water from getting under your roof. Look at the gutter systems and ensure they are free of debris and have no holes or other problems. Gutter guards can prevent leaves and similar items from getting in, so consider using them if you haven’t already. Ensure all connections to downspouts and rain barrels work properly. You should also secure any loose parts.

Watch Out for Tree Damage

Fallen trees aren’t the only major source of tree damage. Branches weakened by disease or age also pose a significant risk to your home’s structure. Take a look at your trees. If there are any indications of decay or widespread damage, it’s time to remove the tree. Prune and trim large branches to reduce the risk of injuring your roof during high winds. A professional tree service can help you. If necessary, they will remove a tree and its stump and clean up the area to ensure your property is safe.

Check Your Roof’s Insulation

Check your attic insulation to ensure there are no holes or gaps where air can enter or go out. Storms can cause high winds, which may lift shingles and allow airflow. Look out for dampness, discoloration, and other signs of damage such as animal or bird droppings. If these signs are present, insulation should be replaced or repaired, and the roof should be mended. A professional roofing contractor can advise you on the best way to proceed.

Summer storms can bring damage, but they don’t have to destroy your roof. If you have any problems, turn to professionals for help. Contact Heyn Brothers Roofing for all your roof inspection needs in Rochester, MN. Our reputable experts can examine your structure and recommend how to protect it during the summer months.

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