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Warning Signs of Hidden Roof Leakage

As a homeowner, you might ignore your roof until significant damage occurs. However, roof damage may occur for several reasons, including water leakage. Leaks result in biological growth that may spread to all other parts of the house. In addition, they damage the structural integrity of your property. Usually, leaks start small and are hidden while doing more damage to your home. Read on to discover the signs of hidden roof leaks to catch them early before more damage occurs.

Damaged External Walls

If you notice a stain on your walls, it indicates continuous water flow into those areas. Addressing the problem as soon as possible would be best. Any delays could lead to damage to the inside walls.

Flashing Damage

Flashing is vital in reducing the effects of water damage on your property. The corners and joints in your roofing should be protected by flashing. If the flashing is damaged, water starts leaking inside the house, damaging the ceiling. In addition, it damages expensive household appliances like refrigerators. Therefore, regular inspection of your flashing is essential. It helps in the easy identification of cracks and splits that cause leaks.

Water Pooling in the Ceiling

Water from a roof leak can cause pooling at the seal of the ceiling’s paint. Over time, the paint begins to form bubbles, which break later, causing leaks. If you live in a one-story building, water from the ceiling indicates a significant leak that adversely damages your property. Regular home maintenance helps identify the cause of water pooling, allowing you to fix it on time.

Warped Shingles

You have a leakage if the shingles in the roof appear distorted. Water could enter your home through these points if the roof slates are twisted or warped. After entering the house, it travels to various parts before the signs of leakage appear on the external walls. Calling experts for immediate repair would be helpful.

Smell of Moisture and Mold

If you smell mildew in your house, especially after heavy rainfall, it is time to look for leaks. Checking the beams for moisture would be best. Water could be making its way past the slates into the wood, causing warping. Furthermore, it causes mold growth, which leads to allergic reactions and respiratory complications.

Dripping Gutters

Does water drip from your gutter during a heavy storm or after it has stopped? This is an obvious sign that you have hidden leaks. Chances are high that your gutters are clogged with debris or broken. Hiring an expert to clean and repair them is recommended.

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