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Why Are Regular Roof Inspections Important?

Your roof does more than just protect your home. It supports the walls and insulates the interior from cold and heat. Prioritizing the roof’s care should include a yearly call to our expert roofers. Here are some reasons why regular roof inspections are so important right now.

Gradual Weathering

You might glance up at your roof several times a day. It looks the same each time. However, gradual weathering happens every second of the year. Our roofers walk the surface to see if any weathering is causing leaks into the home.

We look for missing granules from the shingles, cracks in the materials, and other factors that point to rooftop aging. Fixing these issues as they arise will stop further damage from occurring. Generally, properly installed shingles should last between 20 and 30 years with regular inspections.

Subtle Storm Damage

Most storms come with moisture and wind. Both of these factors are damaging to rooftops. Consider calling our roofers after a severe storm event. The roof might appear to be fine, but there can be hidden problems.

Roofers look for bent or curled shingles along with missing sections. Flashing might be loose too. Ideally, asking for an inspection several times a year might be necessary if strong storms come through on a regular basis.

Warranty Coverage

If you just had your roof installed in the past few years, regular inspections protect your warranty coverage. Roofers can systematically find damage as it arises. Damages caused by faulty materials are typically covered under warranty. Without these regular inspections, warranty coverage may be compromised or denied altogether. It might be difficult to discern between faulty materials and maintenance neglect. You want a maintenance history to back up your warranty coverage.

Debris Buildup

If you have trees surrounding your home, debris can easily fall and collect on the rooftop. Twigs, leaves, flowers, and other natural debris creates obstacles to flowing water when it rains. As a result, water stands on the roof until it can evaporate.

The shingles and plywood beneath them begin to leak water into the home’s interior. Regular inspections include cleaning off the debris. Water doesn’t get a chance to rest on the rooftop, which stops damage and leaks before they can even develop.

Future Replacement Planning

Regular inspections give you a professional glimpse at a roof’s decline over time. Shingles will break down after a few decades. These inspections can tell you when to plan for a replacement project. Roofs can be expensive, but with planning far ahead of the event, you can afford to pay for the service whenever it’s necessary.

Regular inspections protect your home investment with low-cost repairs whenever needed. Start your yearly roof inspection with a call to Heyn Brothers Roofing in Rochester, MN today! Our team can pinpoint the smallest issues to make your roof last years and years.

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