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Christmas decoration for holiday season

Tips for Decorating Your Roof for the Upcoming Holiday Season

Get an Inspection

Many might not think they need a roof inspection, but it’s ideal to get one every year. Before putting holiday decorations on your roof, and especially before the harsh winter weather approaches, is the best time to get one.

Schedule a roof inspection appointment in autumn when roofing specialists can also check your gutters before trees start shedding their leaves. Once you learn more about the current state of your roof, you can schedule a follow-up appointment for any necessary repairs.

Make Any Repairs

It won’t do much to get an inspection if you don’t follow up on any necessary repairs, especially serious ones. Getting the repairs done, especially before winter, can allow you to have peace of mind knowing you have a safe roof over your head.

Secure Your Lights

Don’t use anything like damaging staples to secure holiday lights on your roof. There are items, like gutter clips, specifically for this purpose. Its packaging will typically have instructions, allowing easy attachment where necessary.

Weigh Down Inflatables

Items like sandbags are perfect for weighing down inflatables. Strategically place them to ensure the reindeer or other main characters don’t accidentally take a flying leap. Another option is to use rope to carefully secure them – in addition to using the sandbags – as a double-teaming way to ensure the holiday decor stays in place.

Check the Weather

As exciting as you might be to start decorating your roof for the holidays, don’t do it if inclement weather is in the forecast. For example, if you’re planning on decorating on a Friday and there’s a blizzard scheduled for the following day, hold off until the snow is gone once again so you won’t have to worry about your decor getting damaged.

It’s also vital that you don’t decorate your roof during bad weather or if a storm is on the way. Let’s say you’re planning on decorating your roof at 9 a.m., but there’s snow scheduled for 11 a.m. You don’t want to risk rushing the process and not properly securing the decorations, nor do you want to still be up there to just get the job done when flakes start coming down.

Check the weather in advance, and make sure you have plenty of time to get the roof decorating done without any inclement weather on the way. It’s not worth the risk to your safety.

Ask for Help

Never decorate the roof on your own. It’s a dangerous task for one person, not to mention the job will go much faster if you have someone you trust helping you. Even roofing specialists never go to a job on their own.

Hire Professionals if Necessary

Rather than taking on the job yourself, consider hiring professional holiday decorators. Yes, it requires spending money, but it lets you delegate the task to experts who know how to effectively and efficiently get the job done.

Don’t let anything put a damper on your holiday festivities and roof decorating. Connect with Heyn Brothers Roofing in southern Minnesota for roof repairs and inspections before winter starts. Our roofing specialists will be happy to give you a free estimate.

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